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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Eric's Automotive:

Great and friendly service. I called in the morning time with my issue. By the time I got off work the parts I needed were there and I was in and out in 30 minutes. It's hard to find a trustworthy mechanic these days so I will definitely be using Eric's Automotive for all my future automotive issues.


Honest and straight forward !

Will S.

Genuine owner. Good work for fair price.

Greg T.

Eric and his crew were very nice prepared upon my arrival. I highly recommended their service.

Dwight A.

Eric is the most trustful honest person knows what he is doing and is not trying to rip you off like other shop will. He saved me a lot of money thanks Eric's automotive.

Ken P.

These guys know what there doing. Great service with good price.

Otis R.

I dropped of a customers truck at this place today. I must say Eric is the most pleasant shop owner i have met. I own a tow truck and trust me i have met my fair share of crazy shop owners. They haven't done any auto work for me but from first impression they will soon. I would reccommend any day.

Xpress Roadside

Great and knowledgeable mechanics. Had my problem diagnosed and repairedin under a half an hour. A little steep on pricing, but for a rush job an hour before they closed, I do not blame them and would be willing to pay it again.

Brain H.

Don't go anywhere else! Eric will give you the honest truth about your vehicle without changing you for stuff you don't want or need. No pressure tactics either.

Matthew C.

The best guys you can count on fair and honest. Helped me on multiple occasions, and treat me with integrity and respect

Charles D.

I finally found a honest mechanic and the price made it even better. They fixed my water pump and I'll be going back for other work. Thank you

Jeremy G.

Drove from Liberty to Humble Texas for great auto service. Knowing that my vehicle would be repaired in a timely fashion and having peace of mind knowing that the job would be done correctly. If I ever need auto repairs in the future I will without a doubt return to Eric's for any future problems and will recommend him to all my friends in Liberty Texas and any where else. Thanks for the great service.

Forest W. - Liberty, TX

I am one of those parents that gave my 16yr old too much truck (4wheel Z71 with 6" lift) and as most 16yr old boys, he did everything he could to test what the truck was able to do. Of course, this led to many parts breaking and needing to be replaced. Eric and the guys always fixed his truck quickly and at a reasonable price. Unfortunately my son never quite learned and I took his truck back from him. So I called Eric and asked him if he could completely replace the suspension and put it back to stock 4wheel drive so I could drive to and from work. Eric told me too just sale it and cut my losses. However, I had so much money tied into the truck we went forward with basically replacing almost everything with the suspension. To my surprise when it was finished it actually drove like a brand new truck. I want to thank the guys at Erics Automotive for all the patience they had with my son and putting this truck back together so I was able to drive it once again. I hi! ghly recommend this auto shop to any one looking for an honest/knowledgeable/understanding and friendly neighborhood mechanic. Props to everyone at Erics Automotive!

R. Boone

In and out service great people always willing to help!

Eric Brown

When my car needed repair I took it to the local dealership and was quoted over $1500 to repair my vehicle. A friend told me about Eric's so I took my car to Eric for a second opinion. Eric said the repairs I needed would only come to $360. He told me I didn't need all of the work the dealer quoted. From that day forward, Eric's Automotive is the only place I take my car for repair. My husband, my son and his girlfriend all take their cars to Eric also. All of us appreciate his honesty, his skill in getting the repairs done right the first time and the friendliness of Eric and his crew. They're great. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else.

Carol Montgomery

For the past seventeen years Eric Fox and his automotive crew have taken excellent care of the many cars our family has driven. In the early years it was simple upkeep and occasional repair. As our three sons began driving and putting more wear and tear on the cars, we naturally depended on Eric's Automotive more often to keep the family cars in safe running condition. We feel his prices are comparable but mostly his work is done right the first time. As can be the case with many women dealing with automotive situations, my wife has never been made to feel like she was being "taken for a ride" when speaking with any of Eric's crew. They have always been able to respectfully explain a situation and offer the needed work to be done. In time she grew comfortable enough to drive into the shop to ask questions or get on the spot help. There have been a few occasions when being out on the road and having a problem with her car, that she was able to call the shop and get the needed advice of what to do. This has been a valuable trust in Eric and his crew. Years of excellent service, friendly relations, honesty and integrity in business have made Eric's Automotive one of the better places in the City of Humble in which to entrust the care of one's vehicle.

Durwood Audirsch

Long story short, I had a lot of problems with my work van after going to several shops, and spending a lot of money I was still had the same problems. That's when I decided to go to Eric's Auto, right away with in hours Eric and the guys had correctly diagnosed the problem and with in 1 day the van was fixed. Honestly they did an excellent job at a good price. I feel like they have the know how and the equptment to do the job. My van is running like new again, Thanks guys!

B Solhjou - Humble,TX

Eric's Automotive does quality,fast and above all honest work. Our family and many of our friends have had our automobile work done with Eric and his staff for over twenty plus years!!! He puts his customers first, and he and his staff are so honest! A quality not easy to find in the automotive repair business!! Thanks Eric job well done again !!!!!

Yahoo User

Eric and his staff are always quick and friendly. They have steered me clear of unneeded repairs, and helped on upgrades. Eric has been around and has many of my friends as life-long customers.

Yahoo User

The best decision I ever made! a fantastic guy great rates too. An honest auto mechanic what a change. Eric is wonderful you cannot ask for a better shop to take your car.

ML - Kingwood, TX

Great Auto Shop, good rates, friendly service, and fast.